Friday, 24 June 2011

Like a Virgin .........for the very last time

I flew to Miami yesterday on Virgin Atlantic, I normally use BA but I saved £200 on the ticket by choosing Virgin this time. Given the savings I shouldn't really complain but 'to thine own self be true' as they say and so I will. The whole experience was sub standard in comparison to BA for the following reasons.
The plane left from terminal 3 which is a low functioning dump staffed largely by imbiciles
The automatic check terminals were not functioning
The lines for non automatic check in and security were endless
The plane took off an hour late because they were 'working on a faulty break'  a little too much infomation for the nervous flyer
Half the tv's on the plane were not working but thankfully mine was but the film choices were dreary. I watched Social Network and another boring thing with Liam Neeson.
However the upshot is that I am now in Miami and I will be blogging from for the next couple of weeks.

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