Thursday, 29 December 2011

True Crime Stories Live From St Giles Church Yard

Stella and I witnessed an exciting real life crime drama this morning in the church yard. The dogs were fighting and eating sticks, when two men came rushing in discarding clothing as they ran along. As you may have noticed the weather today was like ZERO but since there are so many crackheads cocaine users in the area the scene was not quite as unusual as you might think. Eddy, however, went to see Sherlock Holmes yesterday so he was on high alert and totally primed to spot criminal activity. He noticed that one man threw a crash helmet in the bushes and decided that something ultra fishy was going on. There were sirens wailing in the background but then again that can be a West End constant. We walked to the gate and saw another pile of discarded clothing and a bag and then a police van pulled up and Eddy told him what we had seen. The police man told us that a motor cycle gang had done a smash and grab raid at a jewellery shop on Sloane Street. Eddy began to lament the fact that he had he known what was going on he could have attempted a citizens arrest and likely got us all shot.

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