Sunday, 23 October 2011

My Life As An Invalid - Day 1

Tracey came last night with bags of Yorkshire Provender soup in Pea and Beetroot flavours. Jess called in the morning and arranged to come and help me get  few things done. Had a bath which was essential as was really sticky and vile. Pretty difficult to do though, washing not too hard, drying much harder. Purchase 2 jewel coloured scarfes to replace NHS bandage sling which does not go with anything I have and makes me look like a victim of the Crimea. Jess took me to Soho House for chips and salad, man at door said I was the most glamourous injured person he had seen. I had on my yellow printed Parkinson dress, one I had just collected when I fell and a shocking pink sling.  
After that we did some errands, went to Hyde Park with Stella and Waitrose on Kensignton High Street.
The plan was to get some hot chocolate from Artisan Choclatier on Westbourne Grove but the pain killers made me feel so sick I couldn't face it. At that point I realised I was seriously unwell and went home to bed.

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