Friday, 18 November 2011

Sun Rise Moon Set

Stella and I got up extra early so we could go to the park and still be home in time for a repair man who almost certainly won't show up. We left the flat at around 6.55, it was still quiet dark and as we crossed Trafalgar Square the moon was still shining brightly in the South Western sky. Day light followed us into St James Park sunlight glistening through the last of the Autumn leaves still clinging to the trees. I still cry when I walk on to the park, the first section by the coffee stand was always Chilli's favourite bit.  It is amazing how you can feel happy and sad at the same time.

As we walked around the pond we found a handsome baby pigeon with a broken wing. He was hobbling about under a bench. We picked him up and brought him home. He seemed happy to be held in my warm hand against my coat.  On my return I emailed Eddy a wonderful man I met walking Chilli in St Giles Church Yard years ago. He is a committed animal lover and spends his weekends rescuing pigeons, untying thread from their feet and generally playing out the role of  Saint Francis of Soho.  Eddy got straight back to me, he was pleased that we had a new patient for his attention, he said he had a meeting with 'June the pigeon lady' later on but that he could bring it forward if our boy was in distress.

I peered into the dog carrier he is occupying in my bedroom. He was nibbling on a bagel and generally looking pretty calm.
'No rush' I reported back.

Miraculously the repair man did show up after all.

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