Friday, 24 June 2011

Like a Virgin .........for the very last time

I flew to Miami yesterday on Virgin Atlantic, I normally use BA but I saved £200 on the ticket by choosing Virgin this time. Given the savings I shouldn't really complain but 'to thine own self be true' as they say and so I will. The whole experience was sub standard in comparison to BA for the following reasons.
The plane left from terminal 3 which is a low functioning dump staffed largely by imbiciles
The automatic check terminals were not functioning
The lines for non automatic check in and security were endless
The plane took off an hour late because they were 'working on a faulty break'  a little too much infomation for the nervous flyer
Half the tv's on the plane were not working but thankfully mine was but the film choices were dreary. I watched Social Network and another boring thing with Liam Neeson.
However the upshot is that I am now in Miami and I will be blogging from for the next couple of weeks.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Feel the fear and buy it anyway

I am going home. I just bought a ticket back to Miami. It's Hurricane season out there so it should be interesting. It's raining here all the time anyway and we don't have the luxury of 90 degree sunshine right afterwards to burn it off.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

No mans woman

I saw the Tracey Emin exhibition at The Hayward Gallery last Friday. It was wonderful actually. I know she is an amazing artist but I forgot just how amazing she is.  I have always loved her art work and her writing. I remember seeing the film I think called 'why I gave up disco dancing' when it was part of her entry into The Turner Prize about 10 years ago. The way she talks about her life, her deeply personal struggles with relationships, her sexuality, childlessness and even her abortion really touches me. Her courageous narrative give voice to the thoughts and experiences of so many women. Years ago when I first heard her I was amazed that not only did someone think how I thought but that they had the balls to say it outloud and in a very public forum.

It's raining on my house and none of the others

The diet is going particularly well today. I had tea and cake at Maison B this afternoon and then bought 3 different types of celulite gell from Boots on the way home. I am not loving myself or my life today although the bit where I was actually eating the cake was pretty pleasurable. Work is dragging me down, on the whole its going alright but there are moments (of clarity) when I think, 'what the fuck are you doing here and what the fuck are you talking about ?'

I am worried about the following issues,
My weight - today I ate one small superfood salad from M & S, one hot chocolate from Artisan Choclatiere (I blame the rain - I had to run into Selfridges for shelter) one strawberry and cream choux pastry and 4 rice cakes and humous.
My tan fading and going back to Miami in general - not sure when I can go because not sure when getting paid, worried that if I don't buy ticket now then it will be more expensive when I do get paid.
Money in general - fairly convinced that I don't have enough life skills, self discipline or earning potential to survive at all.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


I am fading fast and I have to work tomorrow. I am supposed to be preparing a lecture on (and I need to check this..) oh yes Management Roles and Globalisation.
Q.What do I know about this?
A. Very little
Q. What do I care about the subject?
A. Even less
However the money I earn will get me back to Miami so I need to pull myself together and get on with it.

Love in a cold climate

One of Chilli's friends left this note next to the picture I left of her at Pheonix Gardens. It says Midnight Bark for Chilli - pass it on using pee mail! I love dog owners. I took my neighbours dog to the garden at the weekend it was really nice and really sad. I talked to a woman who I always used to see in the mornings with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I was crying and she just touched my hand. I love how kind people are - I have really noticed it lately.

I've had enough forever, just beam me in

I am dying of PMT. I know this because I have spots, no energy, am crying, have gone back to bed twice already and in the 3 hours I have been 'up' I have consumed a weeks worth of calories. Many problems - one solution - death.