Thursday, 19 January 2012

More True Life Drama From St Giles Church Yard

This little Staffie was found in St Giles Church Yard by the Dog Catcher who happens to be on good terms with Moya who walks her poodle Louis in the garden each morning. She was abandoned by a couple of hoodies and found to be covered in scars and scratches, very likely caused from dog fighting or other unspeakable abuse. The pound where she was taken to destroy dogs after only a few days so the hunt was on early this week for a home for the adorable little staff pup. Moya decided not to leave things to chance and took her back to her flat while the search continued. On Tuesday the luckiest staff in London was taken in a taxi to her new home in the sticks. Last seen snoozing on the sofa next to lovely lady owner.

Last week Eddy found two cats boxed up in the rubbish in China Town all ready to be put through the rubbish truck crusher. They had been tethered in resturants and used as pest control until they themselves were disgarded like trash another reason to avoid eating in China Town. They went to the RSPCA, Eddy is awaiting news as he is hopeful about getting them upgraded to a cat sanctury in the country.

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