Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Spring Forward Fall Backward

That's what my friend always tells me about the summer and winter changes in the time. It still baffles me though.  Anyway Stella and I have the new Laduree Spring Collection Flavours to review this afternoon. Actually Stella is not allowed in the Laduree in Covent Garden which is a bloody cheek since dogs have precedence over people in Paris (quite rightly). In the Laduree Bonparte Tea Room, last time I was there a small dog was charging about like it owned the place. In Covent Garden however 'dogs are not allowed Madame because of the food' like she is going to pole vault over the counter and get to work on cakes.

The Review
Praline - good sticky consistency - nice nutty flavour but nothing special.
Incroyable - the 150th anniversary macaron - Almonds with Meringue filling - Almond tastes really strong like Amaretto, Meringue gluey and tasteless although in fairness it always is.
Pear & Chestnut - interesting flavor - subtle at first and then stronger as you bite into the bits of pear hidden in the chestnut cream - after taste of having eaten a Danish Pastry - not a bad thing.
Black Forest Macaroon - Really thick fluffy biscuit with jammy cherry filling. Extremely rich, a Lilliputian gateau. Chocolate and Red Fruits are some of my favourite flavours so I am biased in favour of this one, its heavy and rather sickening which I love, probably better balanced with coffee rather than tea.

If I was buying my usual box of 8 macaroons for £10.50 I probably would only put the Black Forest flavour into my selection, I would not be able to stand trading, Rose, Lemon, Red Fruit, Coconut, Salted Caramel, Cassis Violette or Vanilla for anything less.

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