Friday, 10 February 2012

Turn And Face The Strange Changes

So I finally got a Mac Book Pro. It took me years to get it together. Firstly because of the cost (two trips to Miami) and secondly because I am  bit of a technophobe and I fear change. I bought the one to one package for £79 (I can't count past a thousand anyway) because they said that they would give me loads of lessons, that I could have my files transferred and go to classes etc. The files transferred thing is a bit of a rip as in fact that would mean leaving both machines for up to 48 hours, the other thing is my file names make me sound like a complete freak so in the end I did it myself via a memory stick. I did go to an appointment today though as I wanted to load on a programme. The guy I saw was OK if I didn't catch too much of his 'morning breath' but he pissed me totally off when he said those fatal words
'I am not going to do this for you, I am going to tell you how to do it'
9am on a Friday morning and he decides its time for a f**king quiz.

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