Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The best things in life are free

I popped into a product party for French Cosmetic Company Darphin and Aveda this evening. It was held at the Covent Garden Hotel where Richard always used to stay. They held the event a suite in the hotel which was lovely, I just wanted to send every one away and hop into bed.  The suite costs a mere £2995 per night so I might go back sometime and try those pillows for size.
We were given blow dry's and told all about Aveda products which I actually use anyway and then in the other room they dabbed our hands with the Darphin facial care range which smelt amazing.

When the girl asked what products I was interested in I said anything that says the word 'damaged' usually attracts my attention. We had little tiny cones of fish and chips and bits of fried stuff and tiny ice creams and chocolate brownies as well. Probably about 2000 calories in tiny bite size pieces a dietary disaster but delicious anyway.

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