Sunday, 31 July 2011

New flavours

Rather than bang on about how depressed I am I thought I would take a more stiff upper lip approach today and concentrate on performing a public service. Laduree have launched 4 new flavour macaroons this month so I thought it my civic duty to review the new arrivals.

Lemon & Thyme : Jess took me for sage tea once on the Goldbourne Road it was disgusting. Sage and Thyme remind me of Paxo stuffing. I quite like Paxo stuffing although I never make roast dinners or cook anything if I can help it but its an unfortunate association when it comes to delicate french patisserie. The lemon flavour is strong and tart but the after taste of thyme is clear and unsettling.  5/10

Chocolate from Madagascar : Rich chocolate taste, flavour a little like mouse, er mousse actually not at all like tiny rodent, crispy shell, heavy and substantial. Most macaroons are so light it can be like didn't really eat them, not in this case, if I ate 3 I would feel sick, feeling sick is how I know when to stop.  This is pretty good but I don't really like chocolate flavour macaroons. Definitely a good hit of chocolate for a choc emergency though. 6/10

Strawberry and Mint : Horrible, this tastes like eating cheap strawberry jam right after you have brushed your teeth. 3/10

Melon : Strong cantalope flavour a little bit bubble gum for me. Not crazy about this one either. 4/10

So all in all not impressed with new flavours, I prefer the classic Laduree flavours like, lemon, rose, coconut and red fruit.  At £6.40 for four little macaroons its probably best to stick with what you know like.

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