Saturday, 23 April 2011

Cut a six inch valley through the middle of my soul

Dog wonder came home yesterday, I have mixed emotions (as ever) she is my loyalest supporter and a mightly pain in the neck at the same time. It had been brilliant to have a few weeks off all my obligations. No dog walks, no being hassled for food 24/7, no being woken up in the middle of the night to attend to her needs. Still I love my little flea bag and we have been together for 13 years now so worse case scenario its almost over.

We went on our favourite walk. Across Leicester Square, down Jermyn Street and into Green Park via a tunnel that runs behind the back of the Ritz Hotel.  The great thing about Chilli is that she is a real dog, many people who purchase very small breed dogs emasculate (the canine version I mean ) them by carrying them around in stupid bags and dressing them up. I would never abuse an animal in such a way personally I don't think that animals are animated accessories. My small dog has the heart of a Alsation, she can walk for miles, she fears nothing but shampoo, she will stand her ground against all comers.
I love Green Park, its a former plague pit and an area that used to be popular with highway men. We walk down the central path past the dog reservoir where they can drink then around the tip of the park and out onto Picadilly.

We cross Picadilly into Shepherds Market ( I could write a book about that area) and then wander through the back streets and on to Mount Street. This part of London reminds me of Paris, I adore it. We go past Lanvin whose designs I loathe, a real case of the Emperors new clothes I think. Past the perfumier Annick Goutal which I love. I have had a few perfumes from this store, its on my approved perfume list. I had one called Grand Amour which was fabulous and another wonderful one called Sur Soir Au Jamais  which means 'tonight or never' worth every penny for the name alone.
We walk past Scotts which I really like. My friend John takes me there sometimes, they do good fish and chips, very expensive but then its very hard to get good fish and chips in London, especially if you are used to Lancashire standards.

I picked up a box from out side a tobacco shop because the sign told me to. It feels very Alice In Wonderland (channelling Grace Slick) to follow the instructions.
I chose this really pretty one. On the back in says Hecho En Cuba, it doesn't really smell of cigars which is a shame I love the smell of cigars. We walked home across Berkeley Square and down Bruton Street and past the diamond shops on Old Bond Street. I don't ever want to be engaged or married again, I think wedding bands are like little handcuffs one on each person tying them together with invisible chains. I havn't been given much jewellery by men particularly but the thing is anytime the relationship ended I transferred the hatred into the rings and got rid of them.

I had a cute Tiffany Elsa Perreti silver and diamond  ring once. I was talking on the phone to a friend and she said 'I really want a Tiffany diamond'  so I posted it to her the next day. When I split from another man I went in the Catholic Church at Leicester Square, the one with the Jean Cocteau triptic. I used to pray there all the time (pray that he would fuck off) and when he finally did I put the engagement ring into the coin box by the statue of Mary and the wedding band into the coin box by the statue of Jesus. I would have given them both to Mary Magdalen had she had a collection box as she is my favourite Biblical character. Like a nun I have married myself to God.

Saying all that I wouldn't mind getting a Graff yellow diamond ring at some point.

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