Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The List

In Miami my days were structured as follows; coffee, meeting, supermarket, beach, writing, sleep. It was perfect, I never got bored, I never felt lonely, I was at total peace and I didn't want it to end. London is totally different. I already woke up with a sore shoulder, the thought of the city manifests stress in my body and I havn't even got there yet.

I pray differently here, I feel at one with God, I say the serenity prayer in the morning meetings and remain in a state of serenity all day. At home my prayers are more ritualistic, more intense, often involving masking off the fire alarms so I can burn large amounts of Frankincense, burn papers and so on. In short at home I am afraid, I cling to repetitions and superstitions. 

London is all about The List.
Eat (chocolate) Sleep (fitfully) Pray (beg God to get me through) and work on The List. At the end of each day I drop the completed, ticked off and anoted list into the bin (that feels good) and then I carefully write out another one....

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