Saturday, 30 April 2011

I adore the might of your breath

We were celebrating the cross equinox this afternoon with a ritual called 'the feast of the cattle'. I walked along the river to Vauxhall. The river is dark and grey. I walk a shadowy path towards God. I embrace my darkness, it is as beautiful as my lightness. I am more accepting and less conflicted than ever before.

I have had a pretty blessed life so its easy enough for me to reflect back and see that really there are just the things that I did and the things that I didn't do. If I regret anything at all then it would be unkindness.
The ritual was sweet, we ate beltane cakes and drank wine, except I don't drink wine so I had orange. It was all about death and that it doesn't really matter because it's all above love.
They said the energy was of Taurus which I always feel is a rather dull sign but steadfast, determined and strong. On the up it is ruled by the planet Venus, love, harmony and peace in relationships (that would be a first). 
I went with Roy to river after the ritual, he always puts the flowers and the incense and any other concecrated things into the river, to maintain the energy. He emptied the flowers and all the little petals into The Thames reciting one of my favourite prayers.
Unity uttermost showed,
I adore the might of your breath,
Supreme and terrible God,
Who makest the Gods and death to tremble before thee.
I, I adore thee.

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