Thursday, 21 April 2011

Straight to you

I got the bus to the airport from the top of 16th Street, I noticed that they had a service on my way to and from the beach. It cost $2.35 to get the bus or $35 in a taxi. I managed to drop my computer when I was dragging my case on the bus though so I have spent most of the day trying to make that work again.
I like the journey to and from Miami Airport. Richard and I tend to stay in the same streets wherever we are. If we are in New York we do the same things and eat in Orlin every night. If we are in London we go to Carluccios in Covent Garden every night and the same with Miami. If we try something new then we normally don't like it and go back to our usual place the next day. If we do something we do like, then that has to become another thing we do everyday. So I dont see much of Miami really. I just do the little things that we do over and over again, I feel very happy with that.  The bus gave me an opportunity to see a little more of South Beach which was nice.
We travelled over Biscayne Bay on the MacArthur Causeway. You get a good veiw of downtown Miami from here. On New Years Eve a friend drove us here to watch the fireworks in the bay it was really pretty.
I like looking at the world from the window of a bus. It reminds me of being a child, pressing my face against the glass. Blowing against the cool pane and drawing love hearts onto the condensation.

The whole journey takes about 30 minutes, its really simple. Next time I come I am going to get the bus to South Beach now I have got it all worked out like a native.

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