Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It will be like I was never here

I am leaving now, I will be early but I get nervous travelling I would rather feel tense on the other side of security. I have turned off the air conditioning system. Imagine the irony of leaving it on when I go after stressing Richard out by turning it off every 5 minutes when he was here.

Sinead is saying the serenity prayer one last time. I have closed the blinds. I can't believe how heavy my case feels. I bought 2 pairs of shoes and some Ralph Lauren shorts for my son thats all.

I have fed cat for the last time until next time. He will be fine he didn't love me, I was just another port in a storm for him.

One of my friends has been dreaming of air crashes - I said she has barely mastered 5 senses and did not feel that she was about to gain a 6th. I am quietly confident that I will survive the journey, although Richard was saying that he saw on the news that an air traffic controller at Miami Int had fallen asleep on the job. So I am in the hands of God as usual.

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