Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Night Stalker

So I am standing on the porch and I notice the screens that Richard put up. We were reading Night Stalker together, we often read the same books at the same time. It is all about Richard Ramirez a serial killer who targeted LA in the 1980's. Anyway its wrong to make light of rape but I will say this, if I was going be gagged, bound and defiled then he's my man.  
Still the book was really frightening and it inspired Richard (my Richard - the other is in San Quentin on death row) to purchase screens and window locks for the apartment in Miami. It feels very safe here but when things go wrong in the US they really do go horribly wrong.
It gave me such a jolt when I turned to see that I had left the keys in door all night. I could have got the flat robbed or anything. Imagine Richards horror if I was murdered here. My body would decay at a hell of rate in this heat. I was looking at crime scenes once on You Tube and the victim had become one with the mattress. I imagine myself dissolving into Richards super expensive new mattress. He would raise me from the dead to kill me again.

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