Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I am really trying to fill my emptiness with food today. I hate that, it doesn't work and it will lead to weight gain. So for dinner I had mozzerella, tomato and pesto. So far today I ate fruit, granola and yogurt, 3 macaroons and this. It's not a lot but today it feels a lot. I was thinking about a time when I was staying with Richard in Hotel Bristol in Paris. It is a super expensive hotel very much like the one in Wes Anderson's short film Hotel Chevalier which is well worth a watch. Anyway Hotel Bristol was something like 650 Euro's a night and we ordered tons of room service since Richards company (who he hated) was picking up the bill. I had a mozzerella salad and it cost 30 Euro's. How insane is that? One tomato, one ball of cheese, drizzle of pesto 30 Euro's. The salad I just ate cost about £2, the cheese was about 90p, the tomato £1.04 and the pesto I already had in the fridge. It's quiet a mark up nes pas?

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