Thursday, 5 May 2011

Have your cake and eat it

I thought I would tell you about my pigeons. I live by Trafalgar Square so I am lucky enough to have lots of birds hanging around on my window sill. I love them and I feed them and nothing Boris Johnson says is going to stop me. The white one is my favourite since she is the most Dove like of them all. The Dove is a Christic symbol of the holy spirit and a pagan symbol of lust. Sex and God are very clearly connected in the old religions. The newer religious super powers have conspired to supress this knowledge by preaching that sex is sin (except on their terms) and propegating notions of God as some kind of heavenly judge that requires the sacrific of pleasure in this life in return for ever lasting love in the next world. 

How did I get to live near Trafalgar Square you may well ask. The answer is I wished it. One day I was sitting on the 24 bus outside this building and I saw that it was being redeveloped by a housing trust. I thought to myself how much I would like to live here. When I was little I used to stand staring at the bridge that runs across Villiers Street and pray that I would live there one day. Anyway I just looked out of the bus window and wanted with all my heart. 10 days later a letter came through my door asking me if I would like to transfer from the council flat I lived in to a housing association flat in the West End. I said Yes and they gave me the keys to flat I had been looking at.

I absolutely believe that we can all have exactly what we want if we simply want it enough and are willing to accept it.

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