Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday morning brings the dawn in

I just had the best Sunday ever. I went over to a meeting in Notting Hill and heard a really powerful female speaker, strong US recovery, she was amazing it was like being back in Miami. In Miami I went to meetings every day with a note book because I knew I would hear the most amazing helpful things. Since I have been back in London although its been great to see my friends I really have not been thus inspired until today. The woman was amazing she was talking about the problems that occur when we attempt to dilute the programme for the sensitive, vulnerable or special member (ie any of us). It was truly inspiring, I feel extremely lucky to have heard her.

A few of us went to lunch at Otto Pizza, 6 Chepstow Road. They have the best salads and also do a gluten free pizza with all kinds of interesting toppings including fig and pancetta, corn and mushroom and marcasepone and pesto. I was being super virtuous and sticking to salad and then my frienemy ordered a massive pizza and made me eat loads of it.

We walked to her place in Holland Park and then all the way back to Covent Garden in an attempt to burn of some of the calories. It was delicious though. Definately go next time you are in Westbourne Grove.
We wandered back through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, it was lovely but we were absolutely maced by the falling pollen from the London Plane Tree's. 

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