Monday, 2 May 2011

The taste of honey

Another perfect day in West London began at 12.30 with lunch in Holland Park Road. It was a little cooler than it looked but we sat under the trees that line the avenue. I'll buy you lunch if you help me clear out my wardrobe. I felt like I was exploiting her dreadfully as I ordered a tiny bit of Salmon for £17!

She ordered an Asparagus salad. I think only people who hate sex eat Asparagus to be honest, I didn't like to probe. However, if you are interested Sasha Grey (my favourite porn star though I do worry about whether or not she is in over her head) does this whole You Tube thing about swallowing spunk and she is says the single most important thing is not to eat asparagus, followed by not smoking. I feel clear that this must also apply to women because Asparagus makes your pee stink so it follows that all secretions would smell and taste equally hideous.

Anyway 3 hours and 4  gardening sacks later I realised that it was me that was being exploited and that I should have kept on ordering. It would be unkind to criticise a friends dress sense but I will say this, if you fancy yourself in a diaphanos bias cut crepe sequined numbers in colours chosen by (I kid you not) an 'aura reader' then get yourself down to the charity shop in Notting Hill Gate because your ship is about to come in.

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