Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Everything is beautiful ...

We were sitting in  a dimly lit Chinese restaurant peering at the menu, sharing our reading glasses trying to get a focus on our options. Roz said she wouldn't take her reading glasses out of the house as they made her look old. I said I liked mine as I think they make me look smart. Jess said that she blames Botox for ruining her eyesight and insists that she had perfect vision up until the day she succumed to the beauty treatment of the Gods. I don't think that Botox damages your eyesight. I think you have Botox because you look old and that your eyesight starts to fail because you are actually old. Even if she is correct and there is a corrolation between the two its best to think of it like this. With Botox you look alot better and one of the postive side effects could be that so does everyone else.

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  1. Laughing out Loud. Iris, you're bang on form here.