Sunday, 8 May 2011

On any given day

Chilli and I started the day in the damp church yard at St Giles. She is really slow these days, I don't think she will live much longer but this morning she was happy enough sniffing about. St Giles Church used to be absolutley overflowing with bodies. Richard gave me a book about London's dead and it explained how before the government granted licences to private cemetery companies around 1840 , that London church yards had to cope with burying all of the cities dead. The problem was that during in the first part of the 19th century Londons population doubled. Church Yards like St Giles used to bury people and then soon after dig them up and throw them into a lime pit that stood in the church grounds so they could sell the space to someone else. Grave robbing was a common  and poor burial practice left the city rife with desease. Apparently the area near Sardinia Street by LSE was awash with putrification. The dog and I went to have a check aound christmas time but its long been cleaned up now.
I met a friend later in Dean Street Townhouse for breakfast. We had the most irritating waiter ever. He didn't speak or understand enough English to take our order properly. Then when everything came he just wouldn't go away. He was constantly reaching over us rearranging things, removing stuff etc. Some one told me that correct etiquette with waiting staff is that when they bring things to your table you continue talking to the people you are with but thank the waiter / waitress as they leave. I do try to do this but this guy was forever in our way and it was really difficult not to dry up as he came back for yet one more thing. Anyway we had a good time talking about holidays, botox and things we hate but when we left the stupid bitch hostess ran up the street after us and asked us if we had paid! You would think that if you ran a restaurant that charged the cost of a weeks groceries for one meal that you might invest in training your staff.  

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