Thursday, 12 May 2011

Let me weep, let me sleep and dream of ....

God I thought I would die of grief yesterday. If I told you how many people I have lost in my life time you would think I was careless and the loss of a little dog was no less devastating.  Oceans of loss swept in and I really felt the pull of the cross currents dragging me down into the darker waters. As with everything acceptance is the key. I love my little dog and now she is gone from my home but will never leave my heart. I was talking to Jo about the Egyptian idea that when we died we went West with the sunset and then travelled through the underworld (they didn't know that we were a planet at the time) and were resurrected in the East with the sunrise. I will cry a rain cloud for her loss but I remember her best in laughter. She was an earth elemental,  a deeply grounded, funny, demanding spirit who knew nothing of compromise.

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