Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Visions Of You

I had to venture into Mysteries of Covent Garden to buy some altar candles for my full moon ritual tonight. I have mixed feelings about that shop, they have a good selection of candles, incense and the odd decent book. Unfortunatley they also have 3 tons of 'angel cards', meditation cd's and vulgar new age tat to wade through before you get to it. They also have the most inefficient staff in town, ringing through items seems to take ages, they stare at the till like they are deciphering Coptic text and worse they offer readings...

I must confess at this juncture that I have actually been driven so insane by my own neurosis that I have had a reading at Mysteries. Years ago though, before I started to take responsibility for my feelings  and before I embarked on the path to emotional solvency. It was a terrible reading and a waste of money that I didn't really have since that was part of the problems I was somehow hoping that the reading would solve.

Yesterday there was this truly pathetic woman standing by the till waiting for her reading. Her energy was revolting actually, countenence spineless, confusion and self pity emanated from her emaciated frame. As I waited in line (for 20 fucking minutes) I considered saving her £35 and offering her the benefit of my experience seen and unseen. I would have said this.
1. You are a woman and a universe of life and death resides within you
2. He is not coming back
3. Eat something
4. Remember who you are
5. Find God
6. Rise the fuck up

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