Friday, 6 May 2011

Good Morning

I am eating yogurt and Linzi's Low GI granola. I have just poured it into the Tesco plastic pot so its really not visually interesting enough to merit a photograph. I was going to go to the V & A today to see The Cult Of Beauty exhibition. I love the Pre Raphaelite period in art, it has in my opinion produced the best paintings and the best stories. My favourite is the terminal romance of Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal, they were the Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates of their day. I would love to die for love but as St Augustine said Not Yet ,I have way too much to do.   I used to be a guide at Highgate Cemetery and Ms Siddal was buried there in a section called the meadows. I loved to tell the story of how when after a long struggle (not that she put up much of a fight) with Laudinum addiction and her tempestuous romance with Dante, she took her own life. He was so full of grief guilt that he buried a book of his poetry with her and 6 years later when his alcoholism robbed him of his talents he applied to the home office to have her body exhumated so he could get his poems back. The home office saw this as a perfectly reasonable request and so the light of the full moon shone once again on what remained of her face as his precious poems were retrieved. A true gothic romance.

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